Seven teas to remember!

Vintage grace, Shalini James' Mantra

“If Bergamot be yours, then chamomile is mine…” Every so often to my surprise, the revolutionary sentiments behind ‘Indian by choice’ turn to serve as a throwback to our Raj past. There is the designer’s angst within me to straddle the two — the cause and the consequence — in my design sensibilities. So before […]

Paint the town GOLD!

An article by Shalini James

Let’s admit it. Malayalis have not been trail blazers on the fashion circuit. Talking about fashion trends in Kerala has always had a mildly apologetic undertone.  Most of the time, we follow trends set elsewhere, rather meekly, many months and sometimes years after they’ve ebbed out of the fashion hotspots in the country. And then […]

Mamangam – a festival of art, a confluence of talent and a burst of colour.

Mamangam school of dance- costumes by Shalini James

Angikam Bhuvanam Yasya  Vachikam Sarva Vangmayam Aaharyam Chandra Taradi TamVande Sattvikam Shivam   If Nataraja, the king of dance, wore the moon and the stars as his aaharyam, its significance cannot be overemphasized. The oldest surviving text in the world on stagecraft, Natyashastra elaborates on the role of aaharya in intensifying the visual impact of […]

Fragrant blooms

Maternity wear, Mantra

Mantra for moms-to-be is definitely a late bloomer. For an idea that was conceived last summer, it remained ensconced in gestation for an inordinate period of time. Part of the delay had to do with burgeoning expectations – our own, and those of our glowing moms-to-be. Creating a wardrobe for these winsome young things entailed […]