About Mantra


Mantra is a design house that believes that contemporary design can be culled out of the Indian textile heritage. We create ethnic wear that appeals to the modern, cosmopolitan woman.

To adapt to the lifestyle changes in the turn of the century, Indian women needed wardrobe solutions to suit their multiple social roles and needs. The ethnic wear industry, being a loosely organized setup, was still fumbling with consistent delivery in sizing, styling and quality. The discerning customer who had a deep appreciation of Indian textiles also wanted the advantages of a western wear brand — standardized sizing, seasonal styles and impeccable quality. Therein lay the vacant niche in the apparel industry.

In 2004, Mantra, with the intention of bridging this gap, launched ethnic pret ; ready-to wear in its classical form with six point sizing , consistent fits, contemporary styling and great quality. By applying anthropometric sizing techniques, western design methodology and pattern making tools to traditional Indian textiles, Mantra offers a product that has the best of both worlds.

Mantra, Lulu Mall


Much before we adopted this slogan, we chose to be Indian and do Indian. The look, the feel and even the smell of our textiles inspires us to create beautiful clothes. The wealth of weaves, prints, embroideries and crafts around us is an unfathomable resource that amazes as it teaches us every day. Our design philosophy has been moulded to bring the best out of this centuries-old heritage.


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