Fragrant blooms

Maternity wear, Mantra

Mantra for moms-to-be is definitely a late bloomer. For an idea that was conceived last summer, it remained ensconced in gestation for an inordinate period of time. Part of the delay had to do with burgeoning expectations – our own, and those of our glowing moms-to-be. Creating a wardrobe for these winsome young things entailed more work than we’d envisaged at the start. Several trimesters were spent stealing surreptitious glances at baby bumps and jotting down notes about the multiple facets of this curvature. Several more were spent mulling over the moods of the mother-to-be (calm Zen state or frenetic anticipation?), her sartorial preferences (comfort or style?)and her choice of colours (blushing pink or powder blue?). We had to take a nice long peep into her mind, understand her antenatal quirks and wear her sequinned flip-flops for a good while, before we set about painting our storyboard in hues of maternal bliss. We probably overdid the last bit.Waddling about with a hand on the hip and a make-believe bump became common practice at the factory.

Our labours finally bore fruit. After months of selecting fabrics, choosing colours, nit-picking over fits, fussing over finishes and driving everyone nuts, ‘Fragrant blooms’ from the womb of ‘Mantra for moms-to-be’ is ready for its first outing. Set on a diaphanous canvas of gossamer voiles and flyaway muslins, this collection abounds in garden fresh pastels — buttercup yellow, balsam pink, dewy white, glistening grass — and delicate foliage prints which bring in their wake a hint of spring and a whiff of hope. In breezy styles that cosset the wearer, and silhouettes that cradle her in a wispy, cotton embrace, this easy-to-slip-into line of clothing can take more than a few well-timed kicks.

The early morning efflorescence at the Mantra house makes for a pretty picture and the wishing well in the foreground,a storybook setting. Our favourite garden chairs were pulled in, a few loosely tied posies and Oriental lily stems thrown in for good measure, and baby’s breath for luck. We were good to go. A photographer who has clicked more bumps and babies than most, a pretty as a pea model and the design team at Mantra,created in the span of a few hours, the whimsical photo-story that ‘Fragrant blooms’ called for. And if you’re thinking that should be enough for us to call it a day and put up our tired feet — well, not just as yet. There is more good news! We are putting forth young shoots soon, and a story about ‘Little Mantra’- a line of clothing for little people, is waiting to be told.

Shalini James

July 3, 2015



Maternity wear, Mantra for moms-to-be



Maternity wear, Mantra for mom-to-be



Maternity wear, Mantra for moms-to-be


To view the ‘Fragrant Blooms’ look book, click here.

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