The Other O

organic cotton

Eco- fashion may be a growing part of our recent design vocabulary; yet,  a consciousness of the human and environmental impact of all our decisions, has been a constant in our design philosophy  over the last 15 years.  Our engagements with artisans and craftsmen are underwritten with the goal of sustainability. Hand-made is given precedence […]

A Spring Affair

a spring affair

  “A little madness in the spring Is wholesome even for the king…”   True that. Emily Dickinson’s advice aside, the onset of this pretty season is reason enough to shed our serious airs for a while and smell the roses. Quite literally. All of February, forget roses, I barely paused to smell the coffee […]

Sangam Notes

sangam notes

Two thousand years ago, the world witnessed a unique and remarkable flowering of literature in the Tamil country. Known as the Sangam period, it was considered to be the golden period of Tamil literature. Poetry of this period was broadly classified into Akam  (that which dealt with the inside: human emotions) and Puram (that which […]


In 1644, in Agra, a solitary event changed the life of Shahzadi Jahanara Begam, eldest and favourite daughter to the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan. On a quiet, moonlit night, in the silvery shadows of a luminous tomb being built in the memory of her dead mother, the princess in a cloud of perfumed silk was […]